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 Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing

 Regulatory, Law & Compliance
Complying with all the laws and regulations governing an employer in the US can be a colossal task. On the one hand, there is an exhaustive set of Federal Laws and Regulations that routinely gets updated and/or modified from time to time;

 Training & Development
In today’s world, continuing skills enhancement of an employee is necessary and crucial for both the professional and the employer.

 HR Management
Managing an organization’s Human Resource function is one of the most challenging responsibilities. Human Resources being the most valuable and at the same time, unpredictable assets for any company, the emphasis on Personnel Management can’t be greater.

 Compensation, Benefits and Policy Making
In today’s marketplace where everybody is trying to attract the best talent available, retaining talent is easier said than done. You not only have to compete with the rest;

Planning/strategizing is a continuing, yet critical exercise at every level in any industry, and the HR function is no exception. Without a proper plan, execution becomes substandard, causing the whole process to fall flat.

 Evaluation Methods and Metrics
How does one judge the judge? In other words, how does one evaluate the performance or effectiveness of the HR, whose very function is to evaluate the performance of the employees?

 Technology in HR
With new technologies on their way in everyday, identifying the technology that best suits the needs of the organization is critical.

 Best Practices & Innovative Methods
As Industries have grown, HR processes have matured over a period of time. In a scenario in which the world is seeing constant innovation taking place at break neck speed, the HR community cannot lag behind.

 Communications and Interpersonal Skills
Communication is vital in an organization. So are interpersonal skills. Are the two different from each other? The term ‘communication’ can be understood in a broad sense.

Leadership is perhaps the most important buzzword in an organization. What is leadership and who is a leader? What are the qualities a leader possesses? Is a leader made or born?

 Business Writing and Presentations Skills
Samuel Johnson famously remarked in the 18th century that language is the garment of thought. This is true to this day and all the more so with regard to business communication.

 Change Management
They say the only constant in a business is change. Change management is not just about phasing resources into more meaningful and optimal results; it is about building in the organization the resilience that is needed to weather volatile conditions.