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Changing Anxiety to Contentment in 90 Seconds

Attend this 60 minutes presentation to gain a fundamental understanding of how the Left and Right brains gather different data then process it in different ways (sequential or parallel), Anxiety is not good for your health, either Anxiety is not a necessary part of your day, or Anxiety can be changed into almost any feeling you want if you know how.

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Instructor: Dr. Genie Z. Laborde

Duration: 60 Minutes  



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The introduction to this subject will be Jill Bolte Taylor's book, "My Stroke of Insight." Dr. Taylor is a neuroanatomist who was slicing up brains at Harvard when she woke up one morning with a stoke in her Left Brain. She recognized what was happening but, being an expert, was so entranced by the phenomenon and by the joy in the Right Brain that she waited 4 hours to call for help. She experienced the truth of theories about the Left and Right Brain and its capabilities as well as the short comings of each side of our amazing control centers.

She experienced joy and a lack of fear that is worth reading about. Her book gave3 me some new ideas which I then tried out in webinars and classes, and found her theories are valid. Anxiety is not a necessary condition for anyone. By combining Dr. Taylor's insights and the information on the Now(focusing on the present moment) amazing changes can occur quite naturally. You can change anxiety in 90 seconds.

Why should you Attend: Anxiety is rampant in the United States right now. The NY Times recently delved into the prevalence of this emotional state: "An Anxious Nation", full page photo and story on the Styles section June 11, 2017 with no answers about how to change anxiety for anyone. They were reporting the situation, not the answer. Actually anxiety and fear, its bigger companion, reduce your effectiveness in many work situations. Anxiety is not good for your health, either. Anxiety is not a necessary part of your day.

The three steps to changing anxiety are:
  • Awareness that you are experiencing it
  • Knowledge that anxiety can be changed into almost any feeling you want if you know how
  • Using the next 90 seconds wisely

The people, (hundreds) that I have taught this simple exercise to, think it is magic. It is the magic of your own brain and tapping into its possibilities. All you need are the steps.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The controversy on the Right and Left Brains
  • The strengths and limitations of each side
    • Why creativity increases as You learn to use the Right side
    • How has anxiety affected your work?Your life?
    • What is Parallel Processing?
    • What is Sequential processing?
  • Introducing the amazing Dr. Taylor and her Experiences with her stroke
    • The magic of the Now
  • Instructions for accessing a memory of Anxiety
  • The trip through Now
  • Feed back

Who Will Benefit:
  • Anyone at any level
  • HR Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Senior Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Employee Relationship Manager
  • Staffing Manager
Dr. Genie Z. Laborde, Ph. D., Internationally recognized seminar leader and author with 31 years experience in her field, is also the Founder of International Dialogue Education Associates, inc. Dr. Laborde designs her programs, produces her videos to complement the trainings, and certifies her trainers to conduct the programs. She and her trainers have taught over 50,000 students in 15 countries around the world. Her book, "Influencing with Integrity" has sold more than 151,000 copies in 6 languages. The skills in her seminars are collected from Gestalt psychology, Linguistics, Cybernetics, and new Right Brain insights. Her book of research, "Toot Your Own Horn", is a collection of 26 studies, indicating the effectiveness of these skills in the work-place. I.D.E.A.'s client list includes IBM, Chase Bank, Dow Jones, Sprint, Dell, HP, Intel, the United Nations, Stanford University, and 100 other major corporations and institutions.

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